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Billy Mays III (Founder)

Hi, Billy Mays III Here.

Ever since my father’s untimely death back in 2009, I have felt a strong responsibility to carry on his legacy in my personal life as well as in my business ventures and artistic endeavors. Over the years, I’ve kept websites and social media accounts which have served as light-hearted memorial spaces where I’ve been able to share all the amazing tribute art (and memes) that he continues to inspire to this day.

Now, is finally becoming what I had always intended it to be; a platform from which I can use his legendary example as a “pitchman” to represent, support, and raise awareness for good causes.

As his only son and namesake, my intention is to channel his unique energy into campaigns that will benefit the selfless efforts of people who are making the world a better place in both large and small ways. I view this mission as a continuation of his kindness and generosity as well as the conclusion for his unfinished business.