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Billy Mays III    (Founder)

Billy Mays III (Founder)

Hi, Billy Mays III here.

Ever since my father’s untimely death back in 2009, I have felt a strong responsibility to carry on his legacy in my personal life, business ventures, and artistic endeavors.

Over the years, I’ve kept various websites and social media accounts which have served as light-hearted memorial spaces from which I could share all the amazing tribute art (and memes) that he continues to inspire daily.

Now, is finally becoming what I had always intended it to be; a platform from which I can use his legendary example as a pitchman to lend support and raise awareness for good causes.

My intention is to channel his unique energy into projects that will ultimately benefit the selfless efforts of people who are making the world better in tangible ways.

I view this mission as a continuation of his kindness and generosity and hope it will inspire others to create a positive ripple from the grief of losing a loved one.




rare photo before the sleeves rolled up.

an even rarer beardless photo. :)

Hi, Billy here again.

I just wanted to share a note about my dad, the human. While everyone knows him for his beard, his booming voice, his unique selling ability, or even just as a meme character, he was surprisingly gentle and caring. As many who were close with him can attest, he would jump at the chance to help a friend in need.

I have so many great memories traveling with him during his final years and being in awe of his desire to personally connect with anyone who recognized him from TV. He would carry around pictures in his suitcase for autographs on the fly and would always say yes to a photo op with a fan. But one thing that seemed to catch people off guard was that he would regularly ask them about their lives and I would watch these moments turn from a “celebrity encounter” into a sincere moment of human interaction.

That radiating kindness, among many other qualities, makes me forever proud to carry his name and memory with me as I make my own way in the world.

It’s my honor to continue his legacy while also finding new ways to channel his unsurpassed energy into meaningful work.

Love and Respect.
- Billy Mays III